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What therapy is for you?   

Individual Therapy
Online or In-Person

Are you seeking life balance?

Feeling tired and burnt out?
Do you need relaxation or pain relief? Haven't had a decent bathroom moment in ages? If you are looking for 
alternative or supporting natural care for specific Health Conditions ( chronic disease, cancer, injuries ) or you are interested in natural solutions throughout your pregnancy or simply improving your day-to-day health,

Transforma's integrated approach to healthcare is perfect for you.


" Every new day is a chance to change your life."

Explore your options below.

Individual Therapy



Transforma Session Zurich

Transforma Sessions are a 

combination of Manual Therapy,

Psychosomatic, Nutritional Therapy and Herbal Medicine.


 Why just limit yourself to choosing one therapy when your healing may require a  combination of therapies? 

Just come in with your thoughts, goals or issues,  and be seen as a whole person rather than only a specific set of symptoms.

Let’s get Holistic!

Massage &


Massage & Bodywork Transforma Health Zurch Massage Therapy

Find relief beneath the surface with our Bodywork techniques.


chronic pain relief


lower & upper back

neck & shoulder release


muscle tension


are best treated with a combination of hands-on techniques and energetic bodywork. Check out the variety of techniques we use below.



Psychosomatic Therapy Transforma Health Zurich

By working on the Psyche ( mind ) and Soma ( body ) connection you will create lasting positive change in your life. 


Utilising body and mind exercises and therapeutic techniques we can:


  tackle anxieties and stress

• prevent sickness 

• assist in current treatments

• timeline your life experiences

• identify relationships between life experience and physical and mental challenges.

Nutrition & 

Herbal Medicine

Nutrition & Herbal Medicine  Transforma Health

Nutrients & Herbal medicine are nature's potent medications to treat disease, enhance your Immune system and improve your health. Are you experiencing problems with digestion, insomnia, women's health issues, fatigue, or skin problems? If so, your nutrition and herbal medicine options should be considered. Within our sessions, you will be in the care of Tiffany who understands appropriate dosing of herbs, interactions with pharmaceuticals, and nutritional well-being. 

Workshops & Retreats
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