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The Transforma Way

Rooted in Natural Medicine, Transforma supports and guides you
through your individual healing process. As a Naturopath I am trained
to understand the nature of the body and its healing properties;
how imbalance can develop and how to identify and treat the
underlying cause. 


Throughout my own personal journeys in other industries, experiencing burnout, depression and digestive issues; in my research at work and studies; it became very evident how each individuals healing process was so deeply transformational. And so TRANSFORMA was born. Trans meaning beyond or on the other side and Forma meaning shape
or form. I pursued a means and method to bridge conventional and traditional medicine in a way that truly appreciates each individuals transformation process, perspective and ability to find healing.


Here at Transforma we treat holistically using Nutrition, Manual therapy, Psychosomatic ( Mind & Body ) therapy and Swiss herbal medicine.
We are also happy to work together with other practitioners.


Come on by to our peaceful Transforma Health Hub in Enge and together we can achieve an everyday healthy balance of the mind, body, and soul. 


Warmth & Health,

Natural Herbs


Founder / Tiffany D. Rankin
Traditional European Naturopathic Medicine

NVS Member
Natural Medicine Association Switzerland

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