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Nurture from Within

CHF 390

Boost your overall health and Immune System in 3 Sessions.

Valid for 3 months

( Online Sessions )

CHF 390

1 Health evaluation + 2 Check-up Sessions

Personalised Meal Plan & specific Nutrition hacks for YOU!

A list of Immune-boosting nutrients, vitamins and herbal

medicines all targeted towards your health body & mind.


*therapy recognized by alternative med. insurances (EMR)

Stress Relief & Mindful every day hacks

CHF 560

Personal guidance & techniques to reduce stress, prevent Burnout and enhance your Focus.

Valid for 3 months

( Online Sessions )

CHF 560

An initial overall Stress assessment

1 Session per week of Burnout prevention

Daily mindfullness and weekly planning hacks,

understanding signs of Burnout and preventing it.

1 Session per Week for 4 weeks in Total


*recognized by alternative med. insurances (EMR)

Immune Resilience

CHF 250

Personalized Herbal blends & Myco-therapy to empower your defenses.

Valid for 2 months

( Online Sessions )

CHF 250

Full Health Assessment + Consultation/ application

Prescribed & personlized herbal medicines or Myco-blends


*recognized by alternative med. insurances (EMR)

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